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cTv RV Life – Wildflower Super-bloom, Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, drone video

Michael – Seeing the wildflower pop in the Spring is one thing – hunting a spectacular SUPER-BLOOM is something else!  Traveling to southern California paid huge dividends to capture mega-awesome photos, videos and drone footage at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve!

Grace – I had stumbled upon this place while thumbing through our Instagram feed.  It Continue reading

cTv RV Life – Drone hunting Wildflowers at Arvin and Lebec, California

Michael – What – travel 400+ miles to hunt flowers growing in the wild at Arvin and Lebec? Yeah, sometimes it’s wise for a husband to pick up a few “atta boys” and get a chance to fly his drone! Turned out to be an awesome 3 day RV Life trip with spectacular wildflowers so we extended an extra day, going South ANOTHER 100+ miles! Stay tuned – we have two more stops in future shows…

Grace – When we were coming home from San Diego early in February I had told Michael Continue reading

cTv RV Life – Playing in Old Town Sacramento, California

In downtown Sacramento after seeing the Capitol and Crocker Art Museum, we topped off the day enjoying the good life in Old Sacramento – This town came to life during the “Gold Rush” days and after a major face lift in the 1960’s it was listed as a National Historic Landmark District.  Find out about the Pony Expresses and much more in our latest video. A great place to divert from traditional RV Life and shop, play, eat and dine with fellow tourists.

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cTv RV Life, inspirational Crocker Art Museum – Sacramento, California

Ready to enjoy creativity and inspiration? Great, you’ll love inside the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum. Edwin and his wife Margaret Crocker began collecting art from the gold rush days in 1869.   cTv takes you inside the longest continuously-operating art museum in the west to show you a quick peek of some of their favorite masterpieces. Conveniently located at 16 O St. in downtown Sacramento.  A beautiful addition was added in 2010 when more space was needed to house the ever growing art collection.

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cTv RV Life – Enjoy secrets of California State Capitol in Sacramento

On our return trips from the Sierras, we dropped by our California State Capitol located at Sacramento (last of 6 locations over 150 years). Outside, the memorial ground dedications and Vietnam statuary are beyond description and inside, be sure to check out the library. We also enjoyed the memorial commemorating Father Junipero Serra who led the quest to support native indigenous Americans with California Missions. In a future video we will highlight the 58 marquee displays featuring interesting tidbids for each of our California Counties.

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cTv RV Life, Sierra Nevada DEEP Snow Play, Drone flyover Donner Lake

With tons of snow, we head for Truckee for snow play and Donner Lake with our drone at 7:32 .  Of course our Siberian Husky Kaliki (from Alaska) has a fantastic time feeling he’s “back home” again! Let us know what you think in the comments below, should we move to the snow?

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Grace Bites the Dust in the Sierra Forest and Drone Time

At long last, we head for snow country in the Sierras. Wanting to avoid frozen pipes or tanks, we spent the first night at Colfax, Long Ravine Campground. We enjoyed the beautiful lake view, drone video footage and…Grace demonstrated The fine art of face plants (fortunate it was in sawdust). And of course life happens when we’re making plans – dealing with a new rattle to repair in our Class C motor home.

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cTv RV Life, Guess Who Gets Engaged at Visalia?

Heading home after our 18 day trip, we leave Bakersfield to swing by… Visalia (?) of all places.  Could we be making a sidetrip to the Sequoia National Redwood Forest? (nope)  So it turns out Grace has a “special” engagement party planned with…(stay tuned).  Also, while we enjoyed our overnight stays at a handful of Elks Lodges during our trip, at 5:45 we point out a potential downside as we witnessed at Bakersfield (yet great folks inside the Club!)

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cTv RV Life, Marine Base Camp Pendleton/Oceanside, Ocean Playtime

Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base – here we come!  Well, while we’re not quite ready for active military duty, we had a fantastic time playing at the ocean beachfront property while watching the Countries finest soldiers perform their nearby amphibious maneuvers.  Granted “official leave” (LOL) we also went to nearby Oceanside to dine, watch surfers and check out the local shops.

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