cTv RV Life, Opening up DJI Mavic Drone (UAS) and My Initial Flight

YES – our DJI Mavic drone has *finally* arrived, so let’s open up the boxes and take our first flight.  BUT WAIT, be sure to see our next video that details 50 DETAILED steps to get everything ready to go before making the maiden flight! Follow these easy “how to” steps for quick and easy setup. Also, you really wouldn’t want to incur a $27,500 civil fine and a $250,000 criminal fine plus going to prison for three years for failing to register your unmanned aircraft with the FAA!  https://www.faa.gov/uas/faqs/

Note: The 50 Detailed list is still, “in progress”.  Stay Tuned.

Next up: cTv RV Life, Quartzsite or bust, SF to Bakersfield & Buckskin Mountain AZ 

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cTv at Twin Peaks (San Francisco) for Grace’s Birthday #RVLife drone

Nothing quite like Twin Peaks views overlooking San Francisco on a clear winter day (during a side trip getaway between California Travel Videos trips in our Recreational Vehicle).  And with low winds we caught someone flying a Phantom drone… kinda naughty to fly above peaks within 5 miles of San Francisco International airport!

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