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cTv, Playing Deep in the Redwoods, Henry Cowell State Park

Time to checkout the super tall, super old redwoods (one hundred million CENTURIES old) in Henry Cowell park.  Missed Bigfoot center but our Siberian Husky Kaliki scored water play in the running river.  Next up, we will walk over to the Roaring Camp village and hop aboard the steam train.

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cTv, Could this be Bigfoot at Henry Cowell State Park among the redwoods?

Do you believe in the Bigfoot?  Near Santa Cruz, the Henry Cowell State Park is well known for its soaring redwood trees approaching 300 feet high.  So in addition to being located near the Pacific Ocean and sheltered from the sun, this sanctuary makes an ideal getaway for travelers, be it RV, tent or ala-natural.  And who knows what you’ll see deep in the forest…


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cTv, Bodega Bay #2, RV Rookie & Siberian Husky Adventures

Time for us to enjoy the great outdoors with our Siberian Husky, Kaliki.  Nothing beats a temperate, warm day on the beach with a soft wind caressing us.  There is nothing quite like communing with nature to nurture the soul and recharge our batteries.  Okay, play and frolicking about ain’t half bad either!

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cTv RV Newbie, Black Water Dumping 1st Timer, The Good, The Bad…

Sooner or later, all us first-time newbies have to tackle the dreaded dump of their black water tank.  And while they say luck is when preparation meets opportunity, I’m sure many of us ponder the benefits of converting to a composting toilet.  What do you think – any tips to share?


Stay tuned for Our Maiden Voyage Part 2 …..

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cTv, RV Romance or What Could Happen on our Maiden Voyage to Bodega Bay?

Finally, we are off and ready for romance in our Fleetwood RV “Rhiannon” on our first trip.  It’s celebration time for two newbies ready to taste the good life and RV Living in our recreational vehicle. So will we find romance or…?  We’re rookies, so please feel free to coach us with your comments and be sure to SUBSCRIBE on our YouTube channel with more fun coming in Part 2…

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