cTv, Photos and Foul Ups at Bowling Ball Beach

cTv finds taking great photos at Bowling Ball Beach can be a blessing… or a real challenge if the proverbial stars are not in the optimum position (sun and moon/tide, that is).  Then there is the rope ladder to navigate unless you elect to go the long way – the Schooner Gulch south route.  On our first summertime evening, being 90 minutes after low tide was too late and most all of the boulders were under water.  Trying again the next early morning, this time while the boulders were fully exposed, the morning sun was hiding behind the cliffs for almost two hours.  Lucky/well prepared photographers will be blessed with the perfect photos with the concretion boulders partially emerged during the golden or blue hour – GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE ODDS BE FOREVER IN YOUR FAVOR 🙂

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