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cTv RV Life, Quartzsite or bust, SF to Bakersfield & Buckskin Mountain AZ

Finally, it’s time to descend on the Quartzsite RV rally and meet mega-friends!  We left the Bay Area rain on day 1 with drizzle on our tail as we pulled in to Bakersfield with 3 other rigs in our caravan.  Better weather on day 2 going over Tehachapi Pass, across the Mohave Desert and Colorado River, into Lake Havasu’s “London Bridge,” spending the night at Buckskin Mountain State Park in sunny Arizona.  With only 60 miles to go, tomorrow we’ll get up early for some awesome sunrise pictures before descending into Quartzsite – can’t wait!

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cTv RV Life @ Pismo Beach, 20K + Monarch Butterflies Can’t Be Wrong

20,000+ Monarch Butterflies – WOW!!! Here at Pismo Beach in November there’s even more butterflies than tourists 🙂  They love the nice weather snuggled near oceanside Eucalyptus, Cypress and Redwood groves – don’t we all… California Travel Videos continues to learn the ropes.

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cTv RV Life, Siri FAIL gets us LOST searching for Gold Hills in boondocks

Oh oh, we made the fatal mistake “trusting” Siri’s map directions KNEW the “best route” (FAIL) But after more than a mile of nasty off-road near disaster (rickety bridge) and eventually coming to a narrow dead-end, we knew we’d been had 🙁 This is a birthday trip Father and son will remember for many years to come, “remember that time when…………..”

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cTv, Playing Deep in the Redwoods, Henry Cowell State Park

Time to checkout the super tall, super old redwoods (one hundred million CENTURIES old) in Henry Cowell park.  Missed Bigfoot center but our Siberian Husky Kaliki scored water play in the running river.  Next up, we will walk over to the Roaring Camp village and hop aboard the steam train.

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cTv, RV Romance or What Could Happen on our Maiden Voyage to Bodega Bay?

Finally, we are off and ready for romance in our Fleetwood RV “Rhiannon” on our first trip.  It’s celebration time for two newbies ready to taste the good life and RV Living in our recreational vehicle. So will we find romance or…?  We’re rookies, so please feel free to coach us with your comments and be sure to SUBSCRIBE on our YouTube channel with more fun coming in Part 2…

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cTv – Outside RV Products, Part 1, California Travel Videos


But first Michael puts his many hours of research to use in the next 5 segments showing off our RV products at California Travel Videos. In part 1 we focus on “stuff” for the outside of our first recreational vehicle including:

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