Coit Tower Suspense, San Francisco Views, Murals, Money & Mystery

Coit Tower – a monument filled with suspense. From any perspective it’s a beautiful view of San Francisco and a must for tourists and sightseers. Lillie Hitchcock Coit led a fascinating life in challenging times. And while her parents and husband were wealthy, at a young age she experienced the ravages of a fire that almost took her life. This led Lillie to be a lifelong champion of firefighters, who also bonded with her and let her accompany them on fire calls and attend their parades. After her husband’s long illness and demise, Lillie distant cousin and business advisor tried to take her life, instead leading to the demise of the man trying to defend her. Yet in her later years when she moved to Europe to avoid the impression of a scandal and the Great Depression hit hard, she thoughtfully bequest 1/3 of her estate to beautify the City she loved. But wait, there’s more shenanigans and skulduggery with the City of San Francisco so tune in for “the rest of the story!”

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cTv at Twin Peaks (San Francisco) for Grace’s Birthday #RVLife drone

Nothing quite like Twin Peaks views overlooking San Francisco on a clear winter day (during a side trip getaway between California Travel Videos trips in our Recreational Vehicle).  And with low winds we caught someone flying a Phantom drone… kinda naughty to fly above peaks within 5 miles of San Francisco International airport!

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