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cTv, Costa Rica Rainforest – Crocodiles, Poison Dart Frogs, Monkeys

Nothing quite like the great outdoors INCLUDING the Costa Rica rainforest! Love the flora and fauna – seeing the crocodiles, poison dart frogs, monkeys, Scarlet Macaw and Toucans were a real plus.

Costa Rica Rainforest

Costa Rica Rainforest


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cTv, Could this be Bigfoot at Henry Cowell State Park among the redwoods?

Do you believe in the Bigfoot?  Near Santa Cruz, the Henry Cowell State Park is well known for its soaring redwood trees approaching 300 feet high.  So in addition to being located near the Pacific Ocean and sheltered from the sun, this sanctuary makes an ideal getaway for travelers, be it RV, tent or ala-natural.  And who knows what you’ll see deep in the forest…


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cTv Napa Wine Country photography – Tell stories with awesome photos

cTv with more Video/Photos of the Napa Wine Country. In Part 4 we focus on Story Telling and cover dozens of techniques to get dramatic photos – regardless of the circumstances!  We look forward to your feedback and sharing this with your family and friends!

 blogDomaine Carneros

This concludes our 4 part series on Napa Valley.  We hope we have delivered our promise to you to deliver something that has been fun, entertaining and enlightening.  In our next video we will share with you a fun time spring surprise that happened right in our very own backyard.  Stay tuned!

Thank you for watching our show and we look forward to hearing from you!

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