CalExpo RV Show #2, Lance, Arctic Fox, Minnie Winnie

cTv continues with our RV show at the Sacramento CalExpo event. We enjoyed checking out all the brand new RVs, doing more walkthrought’s of rigs of various size RVs – Lance camper, Arctic Fox 5th Wheel, and two Winnebago Minnie Winnie Class C units.

Mavic Air Panoramic First Flight – cTv

Our Mavic Air first flight shooting panoramic photos, flying over the wine country. And you know you’re a lucky guy when your bride accompanies you on Valentines Day to take photos and videos! Thanks for watching our California Travel Videos – we look forward to reading your comments…

PLAYLIST: Mavic Air Drone #1-3, Unboxing, Introduction, Set Up

(see #2 below for detailed setup). First the Phantom 1. Not long after, the Phantom 2 and after some time I also went with the Mavic Pro. But hearing the awesome features of the Mavic Air, I simply couldn’t resist not owning it as well. In this part, I’ll explain my favorite features including the ability to automatically shoot a panoramic photo series!

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Alaska Travel Guide, Top Planning Tips you MUST KNOW

Alaska travel – everyone’s dream… or it should be! And while our appetite was whetted taking an 11 day cruise ship tour, with a State the size 10-20 in the “lower 48” certainly takes more time to do it justice. In our cTV California Travel show, we share our Alaska travel lessons learned from our RV Alaska pros – Pau Hana Travels (Gary & Stacey) and Landmark Adventures (David & Cheryl).

cTv – Boondocking Tips with Xscapers, Drivin and Vibin, Camp Addict

Boondocking, Dry Camping, Disbursed Camping – whatever you want to call it, there are many pluses and a few minuses to free camping. In the episode we cover the tips offered by Kyle and Olivia of “Drivin and Vibin” as well as Russell and Kelly from “Camp Addict” (and a few of our California Travel Videos tips) to overcome perceived obstacles and enjoy off road RV Life camping at its best!

cTv Acapulco, Daredevil Sea Cliff Divers, Chapel of Peace, John Wayne House

Don’t miss the Acapulco daredevil sea cliff divers descent 100 feet into a narrow, shallow sea inlet!  This is our fourth stop heading north after cruising the Panama Canal.  On our 4 hour day trip, we also enjoyed seeing the Chapel of Peace, John Wayne’s hacienda, the nearby historic fortress and more. Three more cruise stops before returning to RV Life.

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cTv Auto Safari – Chapin, Guatemala,. Giraffes, Lions, Hippos, Alligators

While cruising up the Pacific Ocean, we stopped for a day trip at the Auto Safari in Chapin, Guatemala,. Most of the animals have free run in their individual domains while we watched from our tour bus. Lots to see including giraffes, lions, hippos, alligators, monkeys, reptiles (yeah, snakes, too), birds and more. cTv RV Life – no, but a fantastic respite to enjoy the good life!

Auto Safari Chapin
Auto Safari Chapin

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cTv, Cruising to Nicaragua – Romantic Day Trip at Hacienda

Amayo Hacienda time at Lake Nicaragua – we had a romantic day with delightful hospitality, delicious local food, folkloric dances and music.  If you are tourista, be sure to make Nicaragua high up on your list – but we will pass on getting too close to their active volcanos~

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cTv, Costa Rica Rainforest – Crocodiles, Poison Dart Frogs, Monkeys

Nothing quite like the great outdoors INCLUDING the Costa Rica rainforest! Love the flora and fauna – seeing the crocodiles, poison dart frogs, monkeys, Scarlet Macaw and Toucans were a real plus.

Costa Rica Rainforest
Costa Rica Rainforest


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