2 Hours in Boston

Video 32 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

We are “back on track” with our Around the USA in 90 Days segment. We left off in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. We will pick up again in the Boston, Cambridge area. One thing you need to decide when you are traveling is how much do you plan for and how much do you just, “wing it”? For us generally our motto has been, “anyway the wind blows”. So here in Boston after working out the parking situation we took a bike ride through town. As we left Boston we stopped by Salem for a drone flight before moving into Maine. Coming next…… Lobster in York Beach heading to Bar Harbor. (Ba Haba)

OK and back now to our series,  Around the USA in 90 Days!  We hope you are enjoying these stops throughout our wonderful country.  It brings us great joy to share with you everything from local attractions to National Parks.  If you are enjoying these videos please share them with a friend or two and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave us some comments.

Life of Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens, Hartford Connecticut

Video 26 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

We’re BACK (laptop crash while on our trip) and our next episode comes from Hartford, Connecticut where we visit the home of Mark Twain. Starting is life with so little, Samuel Clemens was ever a creative, adventurous man who studied life, people and what made them tick. Better yet, despite no more than a 6th grade education, Mark had a zeal to learn and share his adventures through stories well told throughout the world.

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Pepperwood Preserve – Wildflower Bloom

The spring following the devastating Santa Rosa fires we visit a local preserve. Starting off with overhead drone views, If you like all things wildflowers than you will love our flower identification hike with expert George as he shows us the characteristics of dozens of wildflowers at the Pepperwood Preserve on Mark West Springs Road (10 miles East of Santa Rosa). To learn more about Pepperwood Preserve you can visit their website here: 

cTv RvLife – Pismo Beach Turkey Trot & Madonna Inn, Fun, Sun, Surf, Drone

On our central California Thanksgiving sojourn we continued from Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach to check out their annual 10K marathon “Turkey Trot” along the beach and surf, along with a brief photo shoot at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.  With the better part of 1,000 runners we didn’t get out our drone yet one fly boy dared to fly above the masses.

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