Xscapers2020 Bash, in beautiful Lake Havasu, Margarita Throwdown, Games, Bike Ride

Once again we apologize for the delay in getting out this video in a timely matter. Life has a way of always coming between us and our best cTv intentions. None the less here is a wrap up from the Xscapers 2020 Bash held in mid January in Lake Havasu. We’ve come to really enjoy these times with our fellow RVer’s and always look forward to seeing the friends that we have met on previous trips. We hope you enjoy this video and encourage you to check out the Xscapers on their official site. https://xscapers.com/xscapers-communi… to “find your tribe”. Coming next…… KETO and RV-life.

Photo’s below

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XScapersBash2020 – Day 1 and Day 2, Lake Havasu, Arizona

As always, we love to start off the new year going to Arizona and having a FUN-TASTIC time with “800 of our BEST friends” in Arizona at the XScapersBash2020 convergence!!!” This year we rendezvous in Lake Havasu coincident with their awesome annual Hot Air Balloon Festival with spectacular weather fitting for all snowbirds. Of course when the XScapers subgroup within the Escapees clan get together with hundreds of RVers, having rules are important and our number one motto is: WE ARE INCLUSIVE – EVERYONE IS OUR FRIEND!

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Petaluma Veteran’s Parade 2018

Parades are always touching, a Veterans parade is always moving but today pulled at strings and tugged at my heart in ways I’ve never before experienced with such depth. I wasn’t sure there was going to still be a parade with our air quality so bad here in Northern California from the fires. Then I wasn’t sure if my old smokers lungs would be able to handle it, if there was. The parade went on and as I walked through those in the parade I met Jack, a WW2 Veteran, (one of the few left.) I went up, shook his hand and thanked him for his service. He simply stated, “I was just doing my job”. I walked away with those words playing over and over in my head and giving them a lot of thought. Next I came upon a couple of Native American floats so beautifully decorated. Later as I watched them riding down Petaluma Bl I could hear the beat of their drums as they sang their Native songs, they too Veterans. Veterans who in WW2 broke the German codes and helped lead us to victory. There were people of all color, from all different backgrounds and many cultures coming together to celebrate all Veterans, all Americans. I never want to forget this day.


2017 Petaluma Rivertown Revival, Steampunk, Drone, Music, Art

California Travel Videos is at it again, attending our second of eight (2017) Petaluma Rivertown Revival shows. Between the Steampunk costumers, music, food, art, performances, playtime and more – what’s not to love? (drone video, too) Okay, for us Sonoma County wimps, just be sure to hydrate and avoid getting too much sun ūüėČ


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cTv Summer of Love #2, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick

California Travel Video Part 2, Summer of Love. We walk the Haight Ashbury San Francisco district to relive the homes and music of the hippie movement. Come join us “be-in” with Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Peace out ūüôā

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cTv Model Boat Building Contest – Regent Mariner Cruise Ship

On our last day at sea from San Diego to San Francisco, at long last it’s time for our model ship building contest aboard the Regent Mariner cruise ship. Using nothing more than found, begged, borrowed or _____ items that we gathered on our cruise, we were definitely ready to compete in the high seas (well, at least in the Jacuzzi and choppy swimming pool waters). So bring on the judges assessment of our engineering and design, bring on the popular audience vote… or at least we THOUGHT we were all good to go. Then life happens ūüėČ

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The Kinetic Grand Championship Races of Humboldt County

Queen Kaleidoscope
Queen Kaleidoscope
(a spectators story – by Grace)
Michael and I had talked about going up to the Eureka area and watching the Kinetic Races for some time. We weren’t sure of when they took place and so on Thursday May 30th when I researched it I was surprised to find, THEY WERE IN 2 DAYS!! ¬†On Friday morning we woke up and made a spontaneously decision, “LET’S DO IT!!!” ¬†We quickly stocked the RV with food, water, diesel and other supplies that we would need and set out on a 4 hour, 200 mile plus journey to Humboldt County. ¬†It’s always such beautiful scenery driving north on highway 101. ¬†The hills still have some green left on them from all the heavy rains last winter. ¬†The wildflowers are still blooming and showing off a splendor of color. Soon we would be under the dark canopy of glorious redwoods. ¬†Along the way we learned about Hobart Brown (a sculpture artist) and how the Kinetic Races began in 1969. It seems one day he decided that his sons tricycle needed some revamping to¬†a five-wheeled, decorated pentacyle. ¬†The next thing you know he coined his mission statement, “Adults having fun so children will desire to grow older.” ¬†to describe the Kinetic Races that have been taking place every Memorial Day for the last 48 years.¬†¬†One never knows where their unique and original idea can lead them to. ¬†The closer we got, the more excited we became. ¬†It was good to get that one day jump start to find a place to hunker down and call home for the next few days. ¬†Thankfully we found a spot at the Eureka Elks club for just 25.00 per night for members that included electricity, cable, wifi and a free drink at the bar to top it off.
Day 1 – On Saturday we headed to The Arcata Plaza where the racers would come in for brake check, pageantry judging and perhaps a bribe or two which we learned is also part of the overall game plan to taking home one of the many titles that would be awarded over the next several days. ¬†After a parade around the plaza the racers would head through Manila Dunes to “Dead Mans Drop” near Samoa Cookhouse. ¬†Unfortunately we didn’t read about the need to carry bug spray with us as we found out the area was thick with mosquitoes and ticks. ¬† That didn’t stop the spectators and soon the dunes were crowed making it difficult to get a good view to see the races go down the actual drop. ¬†Needless to say Michael had that covered with cautious help from his drone and his willingness to explore other vantage points. ¬†Day 1 was full of adventures and good times for the trill seekers as well as those of us watching.
Day 2 – After a good night sleep (for us anyway) we headed for our first stop at the ¬†Wharfinger buildings near the public marina where the Kinetic Racers would test their rigs for sea worthiness. ¬†They could also pick up a prize for the “Biggest Splash” here. ¬†Once again the docks were loaded with spectators which is wonderful for the event but difficult when your trying to set up for photos and video with an 80lb Siberian Husky in tow. ¬†Kaliki and I found a place on a dock and enjoyed some great conversations and got some video and photos as well. ¬† We all held our breath as the crafts hit the water and watched them struggling through the low tide mud areas. ¬†There some would sink and some would capsize and some would swim. ¬†Loud cheers could be heard as they broke free to sail their course. ¬†As they made their way along the course we would meet them up the road a mile or two and watch them emerge from the water. ¬†It was very impressive to see the team spirit and teamwork that went into each segment. ¬†Pumping up their pontoons before entering the water and then letting out the air and disassembling their vessels to prepare them once again for the town streets was obvious to the most casual observer that a lot of time and practice went into each phase. ¬†After another fun filled day Michael and I took the advice of many towns people and headed to the Samoa Cookhouse for a late lunch. ¬†We were not disappointed by the family size meal complete with homemade bread, soup, salad, pot roast, beans, potatoes, cake and even coffee for a mere 15.00 all served by a cheerful waitress who had moved up to the area just a few months before to escape the central valley hot summers.
Day 3 Michael and I decided to split up for a few hours.  He dropped me off in the charming town of Arcata to scope out the finish line while he headed back down to Elks River to watch them cross the swift currents.  While in town I took advantage of walking the streets to see some of the beautiful Victorian homes and downtown storefronts.  I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in the middle of a Memorial Day Parade as well, so that was an extra bonus for me as well by getting there early.   As the streets filled up the many volunteers that had made this race possible began to prepared the Finish Line on Main and Brown Street.  KHUM radio set up with husband and wife DJ team Cliff & Amy Berkowitz and the Royal Kinetic Madness Band played while the children danced.  Even the Rutabaga reigning Queen Kaleidoscope was there to welcome home the 3 day weary racers from their 50 mile course over land, sand, water and mud.   Needless to say, (but I will) a grand time was had by all.  Be sure to watch the videos linked below to find out who brought home the Kinetic Grand Championship title for 2017.

Adults having fun so children will desire to grow older.” – Hobart Brown

TriloBike Test Kitchen takes home 2017 Kinetic Grand Champions
TriloBike Test Kitchen takes home 2017 Kinetic Grand Champions

cTv, 2017 Arcata Kinetic Grand Championship Race, #1 Contestant Qualifications


cTv, 2017 Arcata Kinetic Grand Championship Race, #2 The Pageantry Judging


cTv RV Life, 2017 Kinetic Grand Championship Race, #3 Pre-race Laps 


cTv RV Life, 2017 Kinetic Grand Championship Race, #4 Dead Mans Drop 


cTv RV Life, 2017 Eureka Kinetic Race, Dead Man Drop Part 2, Grand Championship


cTv RV Life, 2017 Eureka Kinetic Pre-Race Day 2, Sea Preparation 


2017 Eureka Kinetic Race & Drone sea water video, cTv RV Life 


2017 Eureka/Ferndale Kinetic Race Day 3 drone video, Crossing Eel River, cTv RV Life


2017 Eureka Kinetic Sculpture Race Day 3, The Finish Line, cTv RV Life


 PHOTO ALBUM: https://californiatravelvideos.smugmug.com/Kinetic-Grand-Championship-Race-2017/

cTv RV Life, Palm Spring Aerial Tram ‚Äď Snow Playtime

cTv heads up the Palm Springs aerial tram to play in the snow, with lots of interesting stories along the way Рenjoying the RV good life! Rising 8500 feet above the desert floor, the Palm Springs Tramway offers access to hiking, skiing and camping trips in this famous San Jacinto state park wilderness.

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cTv RV Life @ Pismo Beach, 20K + Monarch Butterflies Can’t Be Wrong

20,000+ Monarch Butterflies – WOW!!! Here at Pismo Beach in November there’s even more butterflies than tourists ūüôā ¬†They love the nice weather snuggled near oceanside Eucalyptus, Cypress and Redwood groves – don’t we all… California Travel Videos continues to learn the ropes.

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cTv RvLife – Pismo Beach Turkey Trot & Madonna Inn, Fun, Sun, Surf, Drone

On our central California Thanksgiving sojourn we continued from Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach to check out their annual 10K marathon “Turkey Trot” along the beach and surf, along with a brief photo shoot at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. ¬†With the better part of 1,000 runners we didn’t get out our drone yet one fly boy dared to fly above the masses.

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