Rails to Trails 35 mile Mountain River Loop Trail – We did it!

Serendipity Rides Again Before leaving the house on our Valentine’s get-a-way I grabbed the latest issue of Rails-to-Trails magazine. I thought perhaps we would dig in somewhere for a few days and I would actually have time to read it. Now I think that perhaps it was fate mixed with a little serendipity that led us here. As we vegged and relaxed in Valley of Fire (next video) I read about the River Mountain Trail near Las Vegas and directly on our route home. We had to go!

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How We Ended up at Valley Forge National Historic Park

Video 41 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

It has been said, “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never change the goal”. After already traveling more than 3,000 miles we had developed a mind set that life will take us where we are supposed to be. Our last evening in New York was spent at Schodack Island State Park. A fabulous campground (as so many in the state of N.Y. are) nestled along the Hudson River. One goal when traveling is to always see as many friends and family as we can along the way. Encouraged by a family member to visit her at The Philadelphia Museum of Art we went to bed that night believing that was our plan. When that didn’t work out, we turned to our handy Garmin, “Attractions features” and found, Valley Forge National Historical Park located less than 20 miles west from us. A quick review on Goggle told us bike riding was also available, so we quickly decided, that is where we were headed. In this video we explore the parks 3,500 acres and learn more about American History on the east coast. The price of admission to the park is FREE! Be sure to visit their website regarding current conditions at: https://www.nps.gov/vafo/index.htm In our next video from the “Around the world in 90 days” we are headed to Washington D.C.


Hudson County Rails to Trail Review

Video 40 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

The history of rails to trails began in the mid 1960’s as a project to convert unused and abandoned train rail tracks, to trails that could be repurposed and used by bike riders as well as walkers, runners, skaters and hikers. Currently there are more than 2,000 trails through-out 50 states providing more than 24,000 miles of rail-trails! There continued dedication has given us many wonderful places and provided scenic trails for tens of millions of people to visit each year. You can find out more about Rails to Trails in the link below. https://www.railstotrails.org/ In this video (taken Sept. 2019) we explore Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail Located in New York States Capitol Albany, A great start place to reach the trail can be found at 722 S Pearl St, Albany, NY 12202 The trail stretches 9 miles along the old Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Railroad between the Port of Albany and Voorheesville. The entire length of the Rail Trail, from Pearl Street in Albany to Grove Street in Voorheesville, is fully paved and open for public use during daylight hours. Check current hours as well as any restrictions here: https://www.albanycounty.com/departments/recreation/albany-county-helderberg-hudson-rail-trail For those of us who love the history, Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Railroad originally opened the tracks in 1863 and included stops from Albany to Central Bridge, Delmar, Slingerlands, and New Scotland. By 1864, one could purchase a 20 cent ticket and hop on the steam train in Adamsville (now Delmar) at 8:45 AM and arrive 15 minutes later in Albany! Commuters began to use the D&H for daily travel between their quiet country homes in Delmar, Slingerlands (and later Elsmere) and their offices in Albany. Suburbanization had begun. Incidentally, the use of the word “commuting” to describe this travel activity sprang from early railroad riders getting their fares “commuted,” or reduced, because of how often they rode the trains. Passenger service on this section of the D&H line ended in the 1930s. Freight service continued through the 1990s In our next video we are headed back to Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania

Sabbaday Falls + Lebanon, NH, Rails to Trails Bike Ride

Video 37 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

Sabbaday Falls is truly a remarkable gift with breathtaking waterfall views – not to be missed if you visit the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Then heading Southwest to Lebanon, we were pleasantly surprised to find an Elks Lodge adjacent to the “Rails to Trails” former 58 mile train route – an excellent place to ride your bike or walk through the woods, adjacent to streams, rivers and Mascoma Lakes.

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White Mountains National Forest, Blackberry Campground – eBike Sightseeing

Video 37 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

On Part 2 of our Fall Colors expedition in the White Mountains National Forest, we stayed at the heavily wooded Blackberry Crossing Campground. And once we parked our RV, what better a way to see the sights than to hope on the trusty Rad City eBike. And tomorrow we are headed for awesome Sabbaday Falls and heading South to Vermont.

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RVing in Fall Colors: Kancamagus Highway, White Mountain National Forest

Video 36 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

FINALLY, on our RV trip around America we are treated to spectacular fall colors along the Kancamagus highway while in the White Mountain National Park. We can hardly contain our excitement. Join us as we drive through the state of “Live Free or Die”, New Hampshire.

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2 Hours in Boston

Video 32 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

We are “back on track” with our Around the USA in 90 Days segment. We left off in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. We will pick up again in the Boston, Cambridge area. One thing you need to decide when you are traveling is how much do you plan for and how much do you just, “wing it”? For us generally our motto has been, “anyway the wind blows”. So here in Boston after working out the parking situation we took a bike ride through town. As we left Boston we stopped by Salem for a drone flight before moving into Maine. Coming next…… Lobster in York Beach heading to Bar Harbor. (Ba Haba)

Xscapers2020 Bash, in beautiful Lake Havasu, Margarita Throwdown, Games, Bike Ride

Once again we apologize for the delay in getting out this video in a timely matter. Life has a way of always coming between us and our best cTv intentions. None the less here is a wrap up from the Xscapers 2020 Bash held in mid January in Lake Havasu. We’ve come to really enjoy these times with our fellow RVer’s and always look forward to seeing the friends that we have met on previous trips. We hope you enjoy this video and encourage you to check out the Xscapers on their official site. https://xscapers.com/xscapers-communi… to “find your tribe”. Coming next…… KETO and RV-life.

Photo’s below

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Lake Havasu, Arizona – 2020 Hot Air Balloon Festival

While winds prevented most hot air balloons from taking flight on Saturday 1/11, on the 12th, several dozen balloon crews took to the skies on Sunday with spectacular weather over Lake Havasu, Arizona. Whether shooting video from the London Bridge where the hot air balloons get up close and personal, the channel channel waterway, downtown or near the Crazy Horse RV park, the views were fantastic! We also have some footage of the local colorful post-holiday nightlife.

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Scenic Cape Cod, Rails to Trails eBike Ride

Video 28 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

At beautiful Cape Cod, we stayed at the Shady Knolls RV Park and took a 35 mile eBike ride on the awesome “Rails to Trails” track adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.