2 Hours in Boston

Video 32 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

We are “back on track” with our Around the USA in 90 Days segment. We left off in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. We will pick up again in the Boston, Cambridge area. One thing you need to decide when you are traveling is how much do you plan for and how much do you just, “wing it”? For us generally our motto has been, “anyway the wind blows”. So here in Boston after working out the parking situation we took a bike ride through town. As we left Boston we stopped by Salem for a drone flight before moving into Maine. Coming next…… Lobster in York Beach heading to Bar Harbor. (Ba Haba)

Flyover Moravia & Lake Skaneateles to Lake Cayuga State Park

Video 25 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

In this episode we focus on the cinematic breathtaking drone views in upstate New York, including Lake Skaneateles (cleanest lake water in the USA), Moravia – the home of President Millard Fillmore and his wife as well as industrialist John Rockefeller. We also enjoyed the beauty of Lake Cayuga adjacent to an awesome State Park with fantastic bike trails.

Photo’s of Fillmore Glen State Park below  Continue reading “Flyover Moravia & Lake Skaneateles to Lake Cayuga State Park”

Mavic Air Panoramic First Flight – cTv

Our Mavic Air first flight shooting panoramic photos, flying over the wine country. And you know you’re a lucky guy when your bride accompanies you on Valentines Day to take photos and videos! Thanks for watching our California Travel Videos – we look forward to reading your comments…