Red Rock Canyon, cool Hollywood filming location and Campground

Wow, here’s a great place to relive Hollywood movie film set locations for over 150 major motion pictures with awesome views of the Red Rock Canyon and under pristine night skies to view the Milky Way in its glory! Movie Clips: 0:32 Intro 1:44 Jurassic Park 3:46 Lost in Space 4:38 Beneath the Planet of the Apes 7:16 Westworld 9:03 Law and Order 10:07 Four For Texas 11:22 The Lone Ranger 12:33 Capricorn One 14:48 The Long, Long Trailer 16:10 The Mummy 19:43 Andromeda Strain

For more information on Red Rock Canyon and the Ricardo Campground, be sure to check out Huell Howser’s California Gold episode # 163 at Chapman University:… And if you have time during your stay, be sure to check out their Interpretive Museum Center and Edwards Air Force Base, Mohave Air and Space Museum and even the mystery behind nearby California City and why it somehow became the third largest city in California (by geographical size) despite only having 14,000 people!

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