5 Years of living with a husky! Beast of burden? You decide!

On Aug 08th of 2015 we took a chance to bring home a rescue husky who was called Kaliki. One of the best things we ever did. Is he a lot of work? YES! Is he worth every moment of it Yes! (Now you know this is his Mommy talking right!) There have been some challenges but thankfully I married the dog whisper himself so together we have adapted to this new family. We hope you enjoy our boy as much as we do and we’d love to hear about you and your fur babies so please tell us about them.

Music: All We Need by Adam Brock

The Cold Side (Instrumental) – Colton Venner

Whole Lot of Love –

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Eating KETO What we Learned at the Xscapers 2020 Bash

In our latest episode of cTv we explore the KETO diet with fellow Xscaper Tree Plant. (from Seek and Enjoy Team Love ) Tree shares with us her experience of the KETO lifestyle and invites us to a KETO friendly Pot Luck. Be sure to watch all the way through and learn Grace’s secret recipe for making her very own Pizza Chaffles. Tree’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmcT… The supplement vitamins she refers to are: Omega 3, Magnesium, Potassium, Curcumin D3.

The Johnny Appleseed Story – Truth or Fiction?

Video 17 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

This time we are in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the final stomping ground of John Chapman, AKA Johnny Appleseed. And while General Wayne is credited with the City name after conquering the native american Miami Indians tribe ( then known by the name Kekionga), the kind-hearted Johnny Appleseed enjoyed the company of everyone, including the Indians, all of God’s creatures and his fellow white man whom he shared both sermons as well as apple seeds to grow nourishing fruit trees.

Awesome Scheels Sporting Goods in Sparks, off East to Elko, Nevada

Video 3 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

While passing through Reno, Nevada, nearby Scheels Sporting Goods store has fantastic natural life animal displays – some reaching up like a real mountain with hundreds of taxidermy wildlife portrayed in their habitat. So needless to say, if you are looking to buy anything outdoor and sporting goods related, look for it at Scheels – or at least enjoy a wonderful site-seeing experience…but don’t be surprised if you wind up spending more here than the nearby Casinos!

Overview, Easy DIY Affordable 2KW Aims Inverter Installation

If you have a heavy duty alternator in your RV, you may wish to get 2,000 watts of “free power” when you’re driving down the road (or idling). First off, layout the design with all your accessories. I decided to include both a DC circuit breaker and a battery cut off (on/off) switch between the battery and the Aims Inverter. In this lesson, we will cut 200 amp copper cable, crimp and solder cables, install the AIMS inverter, route cabling, etc.

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PLAYLIST: Mavic Air Drone #1-3, Unboxing, Introduction, Set Up

(see #2 below for detailed setup). First the Phantom 1. Not long after, the Phantom 2 and after some time I also went with the Mavic Pro. But hearing the awesome features of the Mavic Air, I simply couldn’t resist not owning it as well. In this part, I’ll explain my favorite features including the ability to automatically shoot a panoramic photo series!

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Quartzsite Xscapers Bash 2018, Hot Air Balloon, Desert Bar, cTv Part 2

As we continue our Quartzsite Xscapers Bash 2018 convergence, we are treated to another hot air balloon setup and takeoff before heading out to the famous Desert Bar (4 mile, 30 minute) slow off road ride that’s worth every minute of the trip! Local bands like the “Most Wanted” made it a particularly enjoyable day.

Sunrise Service

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cTv RV Life, Secrets to Successful Microwave Oven Replacement, Part 2

Here’s our secret steps to successfully install your new microwave oven (and discover a few gotchas along the way). So with our RV microwave oven successfully removed (WHEW), it’s time to begin the installation process. First we remove the built-in oven from the case and housing, then make “adjustments” to adapt the new Panasonic microwave oven to (hopefully) fit the old frame chassis and external case. But wait, there’s more! Finally, it’s time to remount the housed microwave oven assembly back in the RV, connect power, figure out what to do with the wires that formerly went to the fans and hood lights, etc, etc. And what could possibly go wrong with the installation, you ask? Stay tuned for more California Travel Videos fun!

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cTv RV Live – Microwave Oven Removal, Repair & Replacement – Part 1

Okay, no one enjoys hacking their beloved RV apart in hopes to make life better. But can removing a RV microwave be all that difficult? What could possibly go wrong? Well, I ran into enough challenges to segment the removal and replacement into two shows! So before you tackle RV repairs on your own, check out Part 1 of this video with your eyes wide open prior to tearing apart your beloved RV!

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cTv Fun, 4K GoPro Fusion 360 degree view, San Francisco Exploratorium

Michael and Grace take one of their grandsons¬† and have fun times using the latest 4K GoPro Fusion dual-camera 360 view recorder! Let’s explore lots of fascinating science exhibits at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Move your mouse or turn your tablet to change views on your screen to enjoy your own unique perspective of our tour exhibits. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our California Travel Videos channel and COMMENT – what did you like/dislike and what do you suggest in future videos?

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