Rails to Trails 35 mile Mountain River Loop Trail – We did it!

Serendipity Rides Again Before leaving the house on our Valentine’s get-a-way I grabbed the latest issue of Rails-to-Trails magazine. I thought perhaps we would dig in somewhere for a few days and I would actually have time to read it. Now I think that perhaps it was fate mixed with a little serendipity that led us here. As we vegged and relaxed in Valley of Fire (next video) I read about the River Mountain Trail near Las Vegas and directly on our route home. We had to go!

A great advantage to being married to someone (over 62) is that they qualify for the much desired Golden Age Passport. (recently replaced with Senior Pass) Not only does this allow you free entry to the National Parks but it also gives a 50% discount to camping! We found a great spot not far from Hoover Dam called, Boulder Beach Campground and conveniently it was located right on the trail! We set off about 9 am counter-clockwise to ride this 34 mile trail with a full battery on our e-bikes. Some facts about the trail: States: Nevada Counties: Clark Length: 35.3 miles Trail end points: Boulder City and Henderson

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