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cTv whale watching, Researchers do rare harpoon suction tag at Monterey Bay

On our first anniversary, we started off with Monterey Bay Whale Watch company and had the once in a lifetime experience to witness “up close and personal” the Cascadia Research Collective use suction tags to monitor humpback whale behaviors.  The device uses GPS, etc to monitor movements and even has two cameras!  Fortunate for the 50 foot long, 80,000 pound mammals, elimination of human hunting allowed them to continue their graceful species. And speaking of preservation, also listen to an American Indian play his flute and talk about their effort to protect their sacred land at Standing Rock, the Sioux Indians fear the Energy Transfer Partners (Dakota Access Pipeline) could contaminate their precious water supply.

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cTv, Playing at Casini Ranch Park, Guerneville Highlights, Kozlowski Farm Specialty Foods

In our first of two segments travelling up the Russian River, we enjoyed an awesome RV getaway at the SPECTACULAR Casini Ranch Park and Campground.  We also checked out the ever eclectic Guerneville, the majestic Northwood Golf Course deep in the Redwoods, and Kozlowski Farm specialty food store on our way to Sebastopol. Be sure to also check out our outrageous canoe trip on the Russian River on our next segment!

Casini Ranch Park

Casini Ranch Park

Next up: cTv RV Life, Russian River canoe water fight at Casini Ranch – flip time? 

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