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Grace, Michael, Kaliki (our pupster) and Rhiannon (our Class C RV) are the four musketeers with a wanderlust for travel.

Michael has a passion to shoot cinematic videos that tell stories about our adventures. Grace loves to capture special moments and the beauty of landscape photography out in the real world.  And our Siberian Husky Kaliki just loves to take in nature (i.e., sniff everything in his path) and have a good time.
In each episode we typically begin with planning, then seeing the sights and concludes with us critiquing our journeys.  So far most of our shows are “on the move” in California, within a day’s drive from our Northern California base, where we head out on our sojourn for several days (wishing for more away time).   We aspire to share media that is interesting, enlightening and educational and hope our stories are fun and memorable for you, too.
Yet our travels aren’t just about us – we love hearing from you, too!  So please join in on our travels, share your thoughts and continue the dialog that will help us grow together.  But even if you don’t have anything to say, we are inspired by your views, shares, likes, and subscriptions to better serve you.


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And of course, you can always find us here at:

CaliforniaTravelVideos.com    or simply     ctvfun.com

Happy trails,

Grace and Michael
California Travel Videos … and Photos!

Contact us: support@cTvfun.com

2 thoughts on “About California Travel Videos”

  1. I enjoyed your RadCity videos. Jane and I are considering purchasing the RadCity and RadCity step thru. We test drove them in Avon, Co last week and found everything just right except the ride. The bikes seemed quite harsh compared to our experience on other non-motorized bicycles.

    What is your experience regarding the smoothness or harshness of the ride?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Larry, Grace here. Other than our initial test ride at b8ta I never really rode the RAD with all it’s original parts. I recently just uploaded the RAD ebike videos and there is one called, Extras – Accessories/Goodies, Toys for your Bike where we talk about seats and the Thud Buster. The links are at the bottom of the video. Hope you and your wife are enjoying them as much as we are.

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