A Day at the National Mall – Washington DC

Video 43 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

For several months now we have been bringing you our series, “90 days around the USA’, in our last video we released, in a world prior to Covid-19 we had taken public transportation into our Nations Capitol, Washington DC to visit The National Mall. One of the things we’ve built this channel on is the hope that we would provide content that is, “Entertaining, Educational and Enlighting” in lieu of the events that took place this week none of this has changed.

In preparing this video over the last couple of weeks we discovered many things about our nation’s capitol STILL worthy of sharing. We hope that you will watch and take away from it a story in which you still feel pride, still feel hopeful and still feel encouraged. Through-out our relatively short 245 year history their has always been disagreements, push-backs and even wars, yet some how together we have always survived. The United States Capitol at Washington DC certainly has a unique history, yet unless you’ve actually gone through the Capitol Mall you are missing an important opportunity to learn about our incredible past – both the good and the challenges that helped to make our Country what it is today. We aspire to share with you background that you may not know – stories worth sharing and reflecting on how we became what we are today. Link to each states contribution to Sculptures of the National Statuary Hall Collection: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sculptu…

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