Petaluma Veteran’s Parade 2018

Parades are always touching, a Veterans parade is always moving but today pulled at strings and tugged at my heart in ways I’ve never before experienced with such depth. I wasn’t sure there was going to still be a parade with our air quality so bad here in Northern California from the fires. Then I wasn’t sure if my old smokers lungs would be able to handle it, if there was. The parade went on and as I walked through those in the parade I met Jack, a WW2 Veteran, (one of the few left.) I went up, shook his hand and thanked him for his service. He simply stated, “I was just doing my job”. I walked away with those words playing over and over in my head and giving them a lot of thought. Next I came upon a couple of Native American floats so beautifully decorated. Later as I watched them riding down Petaluma Bl I could hear the beat of their drums as they sang their Native songs, they too Veterans. Veterans who in WW2 broke the German codes and helped lead us to victory. There were people of all color, from all different backgrounds and many cultures coming together to celebrate all Veterans, all Americans. I never want to forget this day.


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