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cTv RV Life, inspirational Crocker Art Museum – Sacramento, California

Ready to enjoy creativity and inspiration? Great, you’ll love inside the Sacramento Crocker Art Museum. Edwin and his wife Margaret Crocker began collecting art from the gold rush days in 1869.   cTv takes you inside the longest continuously-operating art museum in the west to show you a quick peek of some of their favorite masterpieces. Conveniently located at 16 O St. in downtown Sacramento.  A beautiful addition was added in 2010 when more space was needed to house the ever growing art collection.

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cTv RV Life, San Diego Zoo, Pandas, Koalas, “Zooman” guide Chris Clobber

cTv hits great January weather at the fantastic San Diego Zoo – complete with guided bus tour by “Zooman” Chris Clobber.  We saw Pandas, Koalas, Giraffes, wrestling Grizzly Bears, lions, swimming hippos and many more animals in the wild.  Listen to Chris share his humor and lifetime from infancy living and working at the San Diego Zoo!

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ctv RVLife, Quartzsite 2017, – Day 2, Out and About Walking North

We decide to take a day off for good behavior and walk North through Quartzsite up to the City Limit entrance sign (but eventually give up), yet we enjoyed our promenading and come across notable sites… and one that beyond hilarious.  Goes to show RV Life is full of twists and turns.

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cTv RV Life, Opening up DJI Mavic Drone (UAS) and My Initial Flight

YES – our DJI Mavic drone has *finally* arrived, so let’s open up the boxes and take our first flight.  BUT WAIT, be sure to see our next video that details 50 DETAILED steps to get everything ready to go before making the maiden flight! Follow these easy “how to” steps for quick and easy setup. Also, you really wouldn’t want to incur a $27,500 civil fine and a $250,000 criminal fine plus going to prison for three years for failing to register your unmanned aircraft with the FAA!

Note: The 50 Detailed list is still, “in progress”.  Stay Tuned.

Next up: cTv RV Life, Quartzsite or bust, SF to Bakersfield & Buckskin Mountain AZ 

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cTv RV Life @ Pismo Beach, 20K + Monarch Butterflies Can’t Be Wrong

20,000+ Monarch Butterflies – WOW!!! Here at Pismo Beach in November there’s even more butterflies than tourists :)  They love the nice weather snuggled near oceanside Eucalyptus, Cypress and Redwood groves – don’t we all… California Travel Videos continues to learn the ropes.

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cTv RV Life, Highlights Cannery Row at Monterey Bay & Monarch Butterflies

We’re meandering down the main street of Cannery Row at Monterey Bay, enjoying the food, shops and Kaliki running in the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach.  Later, we head through the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove so Grace can checkout the Monarch Butterflies.

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cTv whale watching, Researchers do rare harpoon suction tag at Monterey Bay

On our first anniversary, we started off with Monterey Bay Whale Watch company and had the once in a lifetime experience to witness “up close and personal” the Cascadia Research Collective use suction tags to monitor humpback whale behaviors.  The device uses GPS, etc to monitor movements and even has two cameras!  Fortunate for the 50 foot long, 80,000 pound mammals, elimination of human hunting allowed them to continue their graceful species. And speaking of preservation, also listen to an American Indian play his flute and talk about their effort to protect their sacred land at Standing Rock, the Sioux Indians fear the Energy Transfer Partners (Dakota Access Pipeline) could contaminate their precious water supply.

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cTv, Korbel Vineyards and enjoying cool Armstrong Redwood Grove State Park

Korbel Champagne Cellars

Korbel Champagne Cellars

This time we’re heading West of Santa Rosa on Russian River.  Our first stop was the awesome Korbel vineyards where they make fine wines, brandy, California champagne and brews.  On our second stop we drop by the cool Armstrong Grove State Park, just South from the city of Guerneville.  Check out the next segment where we stay at Casini Ranch and canoe down the Russian River.

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Smokey the Bear

cTv, Riding the Rails, Roaring Camp Steam Train, Henry Cowell Park, Felton

At last, cTv (California Travel Videos) hops aboard the steam train at Roaring Camp in the Henry Cowell State Park (between Santa Cruz and Felton, California).  While the redwood grove was revered by lumberjacks to provide the best possible wood to build homes, fortunately the Cowell family bought a large tract of land as a preserve.  We dedicate this video to Frank B Lamoly, town Marshall at Roaring Camp for 50 years.

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Henry Cowell Park

cTv, Could this be Bigfoot at Henry Cowell State Park among the redwoods?

Do you believe in the Bigfoot?  Near Santa Cruz, the Henry Cowell State Park is well known for its soaring redwood trees approaching 300 feet high.  So in addition to being located near the Pacific Ocean and sheltered from the sun, this sanctuary makes an ideal getaway for travelers, be it RV, tent or ala-natural.  And who knows what you’ll see deep in the forest…


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