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cTv Auto Safari – Chapin, Guatemala,. Giraffes, Lions, Hippos, Alligators

While cruising up the Pacific Ocean, we stopped for a day trip at the Auto Safari in Chapin, Guatemala,. Most of the animals have free run in their individual domains while we watched from our tour bus. Lots to see including giraffes, lions, hippos, alligators, monkeys, reptiles (yeah, snakes, too), birds and more. cTv RV Life – no, but a fantastic respite to enjoy the good life!

Auto Safari Chapin

Auto Safari Chapin

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cTv, Costa Rica Rainforest – Crocodiles, Poison Dart Frogs, Monkeys

Nothing quite like the great outdoors INCLUDING the Costa Rica rainforest! Love the flora and fauna – seeing the crocodiles, poison dart frogs, monkeys, Scarlet Macaw and Toucans were a real plus.

Costa Rica Rainforest

Costa Rica Rainforest


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cTv RV Life, Drone Time, Anza Borrego, Wildflower Super-bloom

Michael – Wow, on our 3rd day drone shooting the wildflower super-bloom, we headed south all the way down past the Salton Sea to Anza Borrego State Park.  Compared to Lancaster and Palmdale, you definitely realize this *is* the desert (millions of migrating caterpillars/SPHINX MOTHS) but in March the temperatures were fair enough.  With little time to do it all, unfortunately we missed the desert museum until the blue hour – maybe next trip.

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cTv RV Life – Wildflower Super-bloom, Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, drone video

Michael – Seeing the wildflower pop in the Spring is one thing – hunting a spectacular SUPER-BLOOM is something else!  Traveling to southern California paid huge dividends to capture mega-awesome photos, videos and drone footage at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve!

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cTv RV Life – Drone hunting Wildflowers at Arvin and Lebec, California

Michael – What – travel 400+ miles to hunt flowers growing in the wild at Arvin and Lebec? Yeah, sometimes it’s wise for a husband to pick up a few “atta boys” and get a chance to fly his drone! Turned out to be an awesome 3 day RV Life trip with spectacular wildflowers so we extended an extra day, going South ANOTHER 100+ miles! Stay tuned – we have two more stops in future shows…

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Grace Bites the Dust in the Sierra Forest and Drone Time

At long last, we head for snow country in the Sierras. Wanting to avoid frozen pipes or tanks, we spent the first night at Colfax, Long Ravine Campground. We enjoyed the beautiful lake view, drone video footage and…Grace demonstrated The fine art of face plants (fortunate it was in sawdust). And of course life happens when we’re making plans – dealing with a new rattle to repair in our Class C motor home.

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cTv RV Life, San Diego Zoo, Pandas, Koalas, “Zooman” guide Chris Clobber

cTv hits great January weather at the fantastic San Diego Zoo – complete with guided bus tour by “Zooman” Chris Clobber.  We saw Pandas, Koalas, Giraffes, wrestling Grizzly Bears, lions, swimming hippos and many more animals in the wild.  Listen to Chris share his humor and lifetime from infancy living and working at the San Diego Zoo!

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cTv RV Life, Joshua Tree National Park, Glorious Views + Photographs

California Travel Videos gives Grace two thumbs way up on our getaway to Joshua Tree National Park!  Everywhere you look are beautiful views and photograph opportunities.  It’s also offers excellent challenges for the aspiring mountain climber and Kaliki gives a few of the mondogranite boulders a try (staying within the 100 foot required range of the roadway).

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cTv RV Life @ Pismo Beach, 20K + Monarch Butterflies Can’t Be Wrong

20,000+ Monarch Butterflies – WOW!!! Here at Pismo Beach in November there’s even more butterflies than tourists 🙂  They love the nice weather snuggled near oceanside Eucalyptus, Cypress and Redwood groves – don’t we all… California Travel Videos continues to learn the ropes.

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cTv, Pacific Ocean playing at Point Lobos and New Brighton State Beach

Completing our first year anniversary trip, Grace, Michael and our Siberian Husky Kaliki spend an afternoon at Gibson Beach and Pelican Point at Point Lobos State Beach (sadly, dogs are not allowed on trails and there is no overnight RV accommodations). We then scooted up North for an hour passing Monterey to New Brighton State Beach Campground again blessed with more awesome views of the Pacific Ocean. But Kaliki did get to play in the Pacific Ocean at Carmel Beach just north of Point Lobos!
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