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Hacienda Amayo

cTv, Cruising to Nicaragua – Romantic Day Trip at Hacienda

Amayo Hacienda time at Lake Nicaragua – we had a romantic day with delightful hospitality, delicious local food, folkloric dances and music.  If you are tourista, be sure to make Nicaragua high up on your list – but we will pass on getting too close to their active volcanos~

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Camping on Del Mar Beach

cTv RV Life, Marine Base Camp Pendleton/Oceanside, Ocean Playtime

Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base – here we come!  Well, while we’re not quite ready for active military duty, we had a fantastic time playing at the ocean beachfront property while watching the Countries finest soldiers perform their nearby amphibious maneuvers.  Granted “official leave” (LOL) we also went to nearby Oceanside to dine, watch surfers and check out the local shops.

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Madonna Inn

cTv RvLife – Pismo Beach Turkey Trot & Madonna Inn, Fun, Sun, Surf, Drone

On our central California Thanksgiving sojourn we continued from Santa Barbara to Pismo Beach to check out their annual 10K marathon “Turkey Trot” along the beach and surf, along with a brief photo shoot at Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo.  With the better part of 1,000 runners we didn’t get out our drone yet one fly boy dared to fly above the masses.

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cTv RV Life, Santa Barbara Mission, downtown fun and beach playtime

California Travel Video, aka cTv enjoys the RV life on Michael’s Birthday  as we head down to see the Santa Barbara Mission, downtown and playing at the beach with Kaliki.

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cTv, Pacific Ocean playing at Point Lobos and New Brighton State Beach

Completing our first year anniversary trip, Grace, Michael and our Siberian Husky Kaliki spend an afternoon at Gibson Beach and Pelican Point at Point Lobos State Beach (sadly, dogs are not allowed on trails and there is no overnight RV accommodations). We then scooted up North for an hour passing Monterey to New Brighton State Beach Campground again blessed with more awesome views of the Pacific Ocean. But Kaliki did get to play in the Pacific Ocean at Carmel Beach just north of Point Lobos!
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cTv RV Life, Highlights Cannery Row at Monterey Bay & Monarch Butterflies

We’re meandering down the main street of Cannery Row at Monterey Bay, enjoying the food, shops and Kaliki running in the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach.  Later, we head through the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove so Grace can checkout the Monarch Butterflies.

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cTv whale watching, Researchers do rare harpoon suction tag at Monterey Bay

On our first anniversary, we started off with Monterey Bay Whale Watch company and had the once in a lifetime experience to witness “up close and personal” the Cascadia Research Collective use suction tags to monitor humpback whale behaviors.  The device uses GPS, etc to monitor movements and even has two cameras!  Fortunate for the 50 foot long, 80,000 pound mammals, elimination of human hunting allowed them to continue their graceful species. And speaking of preservation, also listen to an American Indian play his flute and talk about their effort to protect their sacred land at Standing Rock, the Sioux Indians fear the Energy Transfer Partners (Dakota Access Pipeline) could contaminate their precious water supply.

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cTv, Point Arena Lighthouse Saving Lives at Sea

Numerous shipwrecks occurred one-half mile offshore due to a sneaky reef 6 feet under the water. The Point Arena lighthouse was damaged by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, rebuilt to 115 feet tall and was renovated for its 100th anniversary. The prize 12,000 pound 6 foot tall freznel lens features a unique triple set of double bullseye lens, valued at over $3,500,000 dollars. The beam proudly shot out 20+ miles while the new double 1,000 watt LEDs are limited to one short burst every 15 seconds at a more meger 16 miles. Be sure to visit the gift store and checkout the webcam views here:

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cTv, Photos and Foul Ups at Bowling Ball Beach

cTv finds taking great photos at Bowling Ball Beach can be a blessing… or a real challenge if the proverbial stars are not in the optimum position (sun and moon/tide, that is).  Then there is the rope ladder to navigate unless you elect to go the long way – the Schooner Gulch south route.  On our first summertime evening, being 90 minutes after low tide was too late and most all of the boulders were under water.  Trying again the next early morning, this time while the boulders were fully exposed, the morning sun was hiding behind the cliffs for almost two hours.  Lucky/well prepared photographers will be blessed with the perfect photos with the concretion boulders partially emerged during the golden or blue hour – GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE ODDS BE FOREVER IN YOUR FAVOR :)

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