Exciting Folsom History, GOLD, Land, Water, Technology and Politics

Folsom, California – As California braces itself for yet another drought and as we prepare ourselves for what has become seasonal fires, we can’t help but wonder…. IS WATER THE NEW GOLD? As we explore Folsom’s past even then the value of water proved to be more outlasting than even the gold nuggets they were seeking. Find out in this video how one mans foresight found him and his family the influence and wealth they desired, long past just that of the “gold rush” era.

In this video we will learn the exciting history of Horatio Gates Livermore (and sons,) how they made their fortunes from a State Senator, deal makers with the Federal Prison “horse trading” land for a dam, leveraged the American River waterway for Industry, Hydro-electric Power, flood control and land… and yes, political negotiations. SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR DOCENT AT FOLSOM POWER PLANT: Tom Ross 02:15 – FOLSOM LAKE 05:18 – FOLSOM DAM 08:32 – FOLSOM PRISON 11:25 – FOLSOM POWERPLANT

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