Hiking in Acadia National Park – Trust the Journey

Video 34 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

When traveling cross-county, many of us map out our general route and drop some pins along our “bucket list” of favorite spots to see. 
Some of us are planners, where the whole journey needs to first be mapped out and planned. Others like Michael and I are more of a “just wing it” type. We generally have a good idea of our plans between driving, taking care of our furry pupster Kaliki and stocking the RV with supplies.   Later we figure out where we are going to stay, without micro-managing our daily agenda – yeah, we’re the “wing it” couple. 
So on this trip heading to the far North to York, Maine we decided that since we were only a few hundred miles to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park, we continued our northerly sojourn.
To make the most of our time in the Acadia National Park, we rose early to assure we would be able to find parking for our 25 foot RV (large parking spots are few and far between). That said, the park offers a nice transit system free of charge that can take visitors around the 27-mile loop, complete with hop-on and off privileges.
We jumped off at Sand Beach and on the spur of the moment, decided to try The Great Head Trail.

So come along with us on our journey, enjoy some of the many breath taking views and discover tips to avoid some of our slip-ups!  Below are some links you may find useful when planning your trip to Acadia, the first National Park East of the Mississippi and the highest elevation NP on the East Coast.

Acadia National Park Website: https://www.nps.gov/acad/index.htm

Acadia Trail Maps: http://npmaps.com/acadia/

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