Lobster in York Beach to Bar Harbor, Maine

Video 33 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

In our latest video we are in the beautiful state of Maine. It’s mid Sept and the weather is perfect! We stop to visit our friend Creda who wines us and dines us over a scrumptious Lobster meal. Creda is a local artist and we share some of her art as well as some of York’s history. You can see more of Creda’s amazing art on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?…

The thing about the east coast is it’s almost impossible to not start talking with the accent! As first your just trying to be clever but pretty soon it starts becoming a habit and it’s hard to stop. Find out more of perfecting your Bar Harbor (Bah Haba) accent in this video as we make our way there. If you enjoy this video please like and share, Subscribe if you haven’t and stay tuned for our hike in Acadia National Park.



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