cTv, Miami tour of top highlights before Regent Mariner Panama cruise

Michael – Our 18 day cruise journey begin in Miami with a daytrip tour of the local cities.   Aside from the redeye and jet lag, the bus tour guide was fun, knowledgeable  and a cool dude.  Regardless, we couldn’t wait to jump aboard the Regent Mariner and start our Panama Canal cruise in contrast to our normal RV Life trips.

Grace – Grace – Our day started after a red eye from San Francisco to Miami Florida.  The newly formed 4 musketeers that would consist of myself, Michael, Delia (Michael’s mom) and Joan, (Delia’s cabin mate) were ready to get on board what would become our new home for the next 18 days.  That being said, our home wasn’t quite yet ready for us!  We were greeted at the airport with signs that read Regents and followed our guide who loaded on to a large bus with other cruise ship mates.  The next couple of hours we rode around Miami and were given brief histories of the area and shown some local landmarks.  Truth be told, I was so tired from the red eye flight I just wanted to take a nap for awhile.  It’s times like this I’m glad we have these videos so I can relive it again and appreciate it for years to come.  We hope you will enjoy it as well and we look forward to sharing our trips and excursions with you!

Regents Seven Seas Mariner
Regents Seven Seas Mariner
The 3 Musketeers
The 3 Musketeers

Next up: cTv Cruise Life, a day in Cartagena, Columbia 

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