Top 8 things to do at Valley of Fire

Regardless of whether you’re looking for day trip near Las Vegas, into seeing great sights or overnight camping, be sure to put Valley of Fire on your “bucket list.” After finally having the opportunity to spend several days within Nevada’s first state park, In this video are our TOP 8 things to see and do during your visit.

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Quartzsite Xscapers Bash 2018 #3, Shopping, Fireside Songs, Night Photos

On Part 3 of our sojourn with the Escapees Xscapers 2018 Bash convergence, we left the boondocks for the day to head into nearby Quartzsite Arizona. Grace loves to get craft beads at huge discount prices in the huge Gem World store while I refresh our rig – dumping and refilling tanks. We had a blast taking a spin with our neighbor Brad and Carolyn RadPower electric bikes (gotta’ buy two!) In the evening, we enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner with other Xscapers, followed by awesome 1970s type music by the Status Crows duet. Afterwards, we went out for a nighttime photography session, doing foreground cactus light painting with the Milky Way stars in the background. Turns out the only thing in short supply are the hours of the day and night – so much to do, so little time…

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