McArthur Burney Falls, Episode 1 – Part 3, Critiques

In our finale on the spectacular Burney Falls episode, Grace and Michael offer their critique of the many cinematic highlights, photo opportunities and photo editing tools to improve the final output.  We welcome you to check out our video review of Burney Falls:

California Travel Videos - path to Burney Falls
California Travel Videos – path to Burney Falls

Greetings, friends and welcome back to our California Travel Videos website!  On our continuing saga, Grace and Michael critique a handful of photos along with their Burney Falls experience.   Along with Michael, they demonstrate how post-production editing (in Adobe LightRoom) can improve a photograph.  Settings we will tweak include exposure, contrast, light/dark controls, vibrance, saturation, graduated filter, spot removal (clone stamp), radial filter, adjustment layer, detail, etc.

We hope you enjoy our “screencast” show and welcome your comments and suggestions.  Click below to view our prior episode segments:

Part 2 – Michael’s Photos     Part 3 – Burney Falls Critique

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