cTv RV Life – Wildflower Super-bloom, Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, drone video

Michael – Seeing the wildflower pop in the Spring is one thing – hunting a spectacular SUPER-BLOOM is something else!  Traveling to southern California paid huge dividends to capture mega-awesome photos, videos and drone footage at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve!

Grace – I had stumbled upon this place while thumbing through our Instagram feed.  It looked like a cool place to see and a great opportunity to get photographs of the wildflowers that we were in search of.   Who knows we may even get the perfect photo to hang on that one empty wall space we still have in our hallway.  Normally before we get on the road we each have our check list of things to do before leaving.  Mine consist of a 28 point check of doors, vents, and cabinets making sure all are closed to avoid any unnecessary mishaps along the way.  Well we are not sure what happened but while going around one turn we heard a loud crash.  I turned and saw a big drawer not just opened but completely out on the floor with pots and pans spilled out everywhere.   Apparently the weight of all the pots and pans had pushed it open at the same time we took the turn.  The ball bearings were rolling around on the floor and the inside drawer slider was bent up.  This repair would have to wait until we got home.  For now the drawer along with the pots and pans would have a temporarily home in the shower.  We got back on the road and as we got near our destination we were surprised by the amount of traffic and the lack of roadside parking.  Cars stretched for miles along the road all carrying people like us who wanted to get closer to beauty of the California Poppy.   We were not disappointed!  The hillsides were full of poppies, carpets of yellow goldfields and dark purple blue dicks.  You could also see lupine and owls clover.  There were families posing their children for photographs that will more than likely be this years Christmas card. Other individuals who were simply taking selfies with their smartphones. Everyone seemed happy and content and in awe of the beauty around us.  Mother Nature had defiantly smiled on us this spring.  After taking in our share of wildflowers for the day and getting some low flying drone shots we headed into Lancaster.  We found an Elk’s Lodge with 41 RV spots hookups and just 20.00 bucks a night for Elk club card carriers.  You can’t beat that deal!  We were in luck the local members were having a potluck/karaoke night that we were invited to.  We ended the evening with a couple of slow dances out on the floor and a short stroll with Kaliki after.

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Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve
Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

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