McArthur Burney Falls, Episode #1, Part 1 – Trip Planning

Like most things in life advance planning is the key, or as the saying goes:
Those who do not set targets… seldom hit them!

The same is true when planning to see the best highlight, take the best photographs and make the most of each trip – even trivial matters like wearing (or bringing along) the proper clothing can make a BIG DEAL – prepared or not!   Check out our planning video where we “teach you how to fish,” covering critical steps like viewing the best websites for reviews, stunning photos and lots of seemingly small details that can make a big contribution to enjoying a photo successful trip.

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Burney Falls - Waterfall

Greetings, friends and welcome to our California Travel Videos website!  On our kick-off video, Grace and Michael plan their trip to Burney Falls.  Check out this 15 minute video as we review an assortment of books and research a handful of websites useful for trip planning.  We hope you enjoy our show and welcome your comments and suggestions.


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