PLAYLIST: Mavic Air Drone #1-3, Unboxing, Introduction, Set Up

(see #2 below for detailed setup). First the Phantom 1. Not long after, the Phantom 2 and after some time I also went with the Mavic Pro. But hearing the awesome features of the Mavic Air, I simply couldn’t resist not owning it as well. In this part, I’ll explain my favorite features including the ability to automatically shoot a panoramic photo series!

Hopefully your Mavic Air setup will go smoother than mine! After all what could possibly go wrong, right? In Part 2 I will take you through step by step with installation glitches and my cockpit errors (my BAD and after watching, I’m sure you will be smarter than me). So get a bag of popcorn, pull up a chair and prepare to enjoy some laughs as we enter the DJI Twilight Zone world of installation gotchas! I’ll also walk through the DJI 9 question test on FAA drone safety.


Mavic Air installation lessons learned after numerous glitches, gotcha’s and fails.Sometimes setups go smoothly, other times – NOT SO MUCH. In Part 3, I experience the perils of DJI human interface oversights as well as my cockpit errors. Eventually I earn the rights of passage to eventually enjoy the maiden flight of my beloved new Mavic Air on Valentines Day in Sonoma County!





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