From South Dakota Badlands to USA Minuteman Nuclear Missile Museum

Video 14 of our Series, Around the USA in 90 Days!

As we head through South Dakota to the Badlands National Park to the Minuteman Nuclear Missile National Museum, we also dropped by the Walls Drug complex after seeing all the roadside ad signs. The Badlands are, well… not a place you’d expect to see much life including vegetation but the sandstone hills and cliffs are quite remarkable – just the kind of terrain you might expect President Teddy Roosevelt to trot through on his horse. Nearby we saw a sign for the Minuteman Missile National Museum so we thought “why not?” (or at least Michael was game). That said, not many enjoy the thought of our Country being involved in a thermonuclear war so if this sort of thing doesn’t make you wonder about our National deterrent to avoid future International Wars, we certainly understand why you might want to pass seeing our Minuteman National Museum.

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