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cTv RV Life, Guess Who Gets Engaged at Visalia?

Heading home after our 18 day trip, we leave Bakersfield to swing by… Visalia (?) of all places.  Could we be making a sidetrip to the Sequoia National Redwood Forest? (nope)  So it turns out Grace has a “special” engagement party planned with…(stay tuned).  Also, while we enjoyed our overnight stays at a handful of Elks Lodges during our trip, at 5:45 we point out a potential downside as we witnessed at Bakersfield (yet great folks inside the Club!)

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Camping on Del Mar Beach

cTv RV Life, Marine Base Camp Pendleton/Oceanside, Ocean Playtime

Camp Pendleton Marine Corp Base – here we come!  Well, while we’re not quite ready for active military duty, we had a fantastic time playing at the ocean beachfront property while watching the Countries finest soldiers perform their nearby amphibious maneuvers.  Granted “official leave” (LOL) we also went to nearby Oceanside to dine, watch surfers and check out the local shops.

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ctv RV Life, See Hi Jolly monument at Quartzsite, Then off to Indio California

cTv RV Life, before leaving Quartzsite we stop to appreciate founder “Hi Jolly” then it’s off to Indio California for the evening (after missing the turnoff to Joshua Tree National Park).  Actually, Indio has an interesting history, too – Indians discovered natural wells (originally named Indian Wells), that were vital to the Southern Pacific railroad obtaining water in the middle of the desert… as always, much to the chagrin of the American Indians.

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cTv RV Life, Quartzsite, Drone, Escapees-Xscapers Convergence, Hill Climb

Excitement today – starting off with a drone flight over La Posa, then off to visit with Escapees Xscapers Quartzsite Convergence to climb the “big hill” and finish the day with a bonfire to cheer on the Scavenger Hunt award winners – awesome group and wish we didn’t have to leave our new friends so soon…

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Boon docking in Quartzsite Arizona

ctv RV Life, Quartzsite Day 0, 2017 – Windy, Wet and Wild

We’ve arrived at the Quartzsite 2017 RV Show/Rally the day before the grand opening of the “Big Tent” yet hundreds (thousands?) of exhibitors have already opened their nearby flea market booths.  The weather is cloudy at best, with a winter rainstorm in the evening but what’s our worry?  Besides that, no dust tomorrow :)

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cTv RV Life, Highlights Cannery Row at Monterey Bay & Monarch Butterflies

We’re meandering down the main street of Cannery Row at Monterey Bay, enjoying the food, shops and Kaliki running in the beautiful Pacific Ocean beach.  Later, we head through the 17 Mile Drive at Pebble Beach in Pacific Grove so Grace can checkout the Monarch Butterflies.

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samuelptaylor (29 of 39)

cTv, Samuel P Taylor State Park #2,, Hiking, History, Play deep in the Redwoods

Here we go again on day 2 at lovely Samuel P Taylor State Park – hiking trail, learning about the park’s history and predecessors, plus playing in the beautiful redwoods.  While we were fortunate to stay at the park during non-peak days (Sunday and Monday night) at the end of summer when schools were back in session, the park, river and redwoods are always worth admiring.

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drakes beach (1 of 11)

cTv Drone Flyover, Point Reyes Station, Charming Tourist Destination

With some drone shots from above, we enjoy a midday stop-shop-and-lunch at rural tourist destination Point Reyes Station where Prince Charles and Camilla visited on their honeymoon tour.  When you’re in the area of the Point Reyes National Seashore and Samuel P Taylor redwoods, this charming city is a fun place to checkout their shops and have a delicious meal with cool nearby ocean temperatures. Autos, campers and the RVers in the area can also “fill ‘er up” if they don’t mind the premium prices.

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Henry Cowell Park

cTv, Could this be Bigfoot at Henry Cowell State Park among the redwoods?

Do you believe in the Bigfoot?  Near Santa Cruz, the Henry Cowell State Park is well known for its soaring redwood trees approaching 300 feet high.  So in addition to being located near the Pacific Ocean and sheltered from the sun, this sanctuary makes an ideal getaway for travelers, be it RV, tent or ala-natural.  And who knows what you’ll see deep in the forest…


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Bodega Bay

cTv, Bodega Bay #2, RV Rookie & Siberian Husky Adventures

Time for us to enjoy the great outdoors with our Siberian Husky, Kaliki.  Nothing beats a temperate, warm day on the beach with a soft wind caressing us.  There is nothing quite like communing with nature to nurture the soul and recharge our batteries.  Okay, play and frolicking about ain’t half bad either!

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