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cTv RV Life, Guess Who Gets Engaged at Visalia?

Heading home after our 18 day trip, we leave Bakersfield to swing by… Visalia (?) of all places.  Could we be making a sidetrip to the Sequoia National Redwood Forest? (nope)  So it turns out Grace has a “special” engagement party planned with…(stay tuned).  Also, while we enjoyed our overnight stays at a handful of Elks Lodges during our trip, at 5:45 we point out a potential downside as we witnessed at Bakersfield (yet great folks inside the Club!)

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cTv RV Life, Quartzsite or bust, SF to Bakersfield & Buckskin Mountain AZ

Finally, it’s time to descend on the Quartzsite RV rally and meet mega-friends!  We left the Bay Area rain on day 1 with drizzle on our tail as we pulled in to Bakersfield with 3 other rigs in our caravan.  Better weather on day 2 going over Tehachapi Pass, across the Mohave Desert and Colorado River, into Lake Havasu’s “London Bridge,” spending the night at Buckskin Mountain State Park in sunny Arizona.  With only 60 miles to go, tomorrow we’ll get up early for some awesome sunrise pictures before descending into Quartzsite – can’t wait!

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