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cTv, Cruising to Nicaragua – Romantic Day Trip at Hacienda

Amayo Hacienda time at Lake Nicaragua – we had a romantic day with delightful hospitality, delicious local food, folkloric dances and music.  If you are tourista, be sure to make Nicaragua high up on your list – but we will pass on getting too close to their active volcanos~

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cTv, At Point Arena wonder dog Kaliki goes for it… (aka DIRTY DOG!)

Prior to owning our RV, we traveled North to Point Arena to enjoy the rural ocean scenery with our Siberian Husky, Kaliki, who discovered formidable burrowing gopher holes.  We all got our money’s worth going down to the Greenwood State Beach  in the sleepy city of Elk.  Next we will check out Bowling Ball Beach and the Point Arena Lighthouse.

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