cTv Cruise Trip Planning, Packing Video and Photo Travel Gear

Michael – Oh boy, time to pack up video, photo, audio, computer gear for our upcoming cruise trip from Miami to San Francisco via the Panama Canal.  The big questions are:  Will everything fit and will I actually use all this #$%^&* stuff???

 Grace – The mission, (should I choose to accept it) is an 18 day repositioning cruise through the Panama Canal on the Regents, Seven Seas Mariner.  Well duh, of course I accepted! Who wouldn’t right!  This adventure came about as a great way to celebrate my Mother-in-Laws 90th birthday.  Delia is a world traveler!  Originally a farmers daughter in a small Minnesota town, she and her husband both took teaching jobs in California and relocated their then 6 year old son Michael (my husband).  Yes she was adamant another cruise is how she wanted to spend her big day and who am I to argue with the best MIL anyone could ever hope for.  So there I was perplexed how to pack 1 big suitcase and 2 carry ons for 18 days.  I’m fortunate to travel with a man of experience and knew he’d think of the things I had no idea about. Like international plug adapters and remembering passports as a good example. Normally a trip to the bank would be needed but he assured me most of the places we were going to would except credit cards and American dollars. I made a couple of calls to the bank and wireless carrier and was completely documented on my vaccinations.     Michael would also be bringing the majority of our camera gear leaving me with only my one camera bag and the choice of which lenses I should take. I opted for my go to Tamron 24-70. the Canon zoom 70-200 with a 1.4 multiplier and the standard fixed 50mm.  1 flash and extra batteries, memory cards etc. I borrowed Michael’s Canon 5D because I knew that I would want to shoot in HDR whenever I had the opportunity.   Now that the gear was ready I could concentrate on more important stuff like CLOTHS, shoes, makeup, hair stuff, jewelry and finding out if there would be a laundry facility available on board.  OK I’m ready to go…………….. 

Next up: cTv RV Life – Miami Florida

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