Review Fleetwood Surge and Pulse Class C RVs, Sacramento CalExpo, Part 3

It’s time to review some Class C RVs! Huh, we thought our Fleetwood Icon (and Pulse) were “manufacturer discontinued” when Fleetwood went bust over 8 years ago? With the recession in 2009, sadly the southern California Fleetwood RV/Trailer company filed for bankruptcy. Fortunately Cavco Industries purchased their assets and begin manufacturing Class A motorhomes in “RV Country” at Decatur, Indiana with Heartland Recreational Vehicles now owning the Fleetwood trademark. But it turns out the new company is back in the game and Class C RVs remain popular with the RV crowd. So let’s check ’em out…

CalExpo RV Show #2, Lance, Arctic Fox, Minnie Winnie

cTv continues with our RV show at the Sacramento CalExpo event. We enjoyed checking out all the brand new RVs, doing more walkthrought’s of rigs of various size RVs – Lance camper, Arctic Fox 5th Wheel, and two Winnebago Minnie Winnie Class C units.

cTv, RV Romance or What Could Happen on our Maiden Voyage to Bodega Bay?

Finally, we are off and ready for romance in our Fleetwood RV “Rhiannon” on our first trip.  It’s celebration time for two newbies ready to taste the good life and RV Living in our recreational vehicle. So will we find romance or…?  We’re rookies, so please feel free to coach us with your comments and be sure to SUBSCRIBE on our YouTube channel with more fun coming in Part 2…

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